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A warm welcome to medUnited: Education and Support

You would like to work as a doctor or a carer in Germany? Do you want to study in Germany or learn the German language?

We are a language institute with telc-certified teaching staff and offer a comprehensive service package.

Our general language courses and professional language courses “Medical German” and “German Care” qualify you to carry out your profession in Germany. You can concentrate entirely on your language acquirement and we deal with the rest. This includes professional recognition, visa procedures, accommodation and job search. We have a competent contact staff and offer all our services at first hand.

Invest in a profound and good language education. It is well worth it because your personal “WAY UP” is our heart’s concern.
We look forward to welcoming you.


MedUnited sees itself as a bridge builder and it is of course our aim to give our candidates an understanding of our country and its people during their stay with us.

Language Training

The language training takes place on the premises of Bildungszentrum ESTA/NRW.

About Us

We work for and with you We work with humanity and cordiality. We see ourselves in a bridge-building role.

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